BT Equity Income Series.

It's time to get selfish.

You should expect more from your savings.

That’s why, with the BT Equity Income Series, you’ll earn a consistent, high income of
4.20-5.75% pa1 + franking credits
 and get monthly payments.

The income depends on the unit price at the time of investment. The unit price will vary daily for the BT Wholesale Balanced Equity Income Fund and the BT Wholesale Defensive Equity Income Fund.

Unleash your savings.

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Expect more, earn more, get more.

The BT Equity Income Series can give you the opportunity to earn higher income from shares, while reducing your exposure to market falls, when compared to traditional share portfolios.

1. Earn higher income

The series aims to provide investors with a higher level of income than most income-focused and traditional share investments3, while still providing the potential for some capital growth. Plus, the additional benefits of franking credits can provide you with a tax-effective investment.

The income depends on the unit price at the time of investment. The unit price will vary daily.

2. Known, consistent monthly payments

Unlike many other income investments, the series gives you the certainty of knowing the exact amount of your monthly income payments, at least three and up to six months in advance4.

Income information is available for you to view online making cash flow planning simple. You can view the BT Defensive Equity Income Fund distributions here and the BT Balanced Equity Income Fund distributions here.

3. Daily access to your funds

With daily liquidity, the series allows you to access your investment when you want.

4. Reduce the impact of sharemarket falls

Part of the income generated is used to purchase some downside market protection against market falls. This means that if the sharemarket does fall, the value of an investment in the series will fall by less. You can find out more about this in the how the funds work section.

The series combines expert stock selection with an enhanced income strategy to deliver a known, consistent monthly income while significantly reducing the impact of sharemarket falls.
Discover how the funds work

What you need to consider before you invest

The annualised rate of income is based on pre-announced distributions for the six months to 30 September 2016 and an application unit price as at 29 March 2016 ($0.8572 for the BT Defensive Equity Income Fund and $0.8351 for the BT Balanced Equity Income Fund). The value of your investment will go up and down over time. The income depends on the unit price at the time of investment. The unit price will vary daily. Visit to see the latest unit price and rate of income. or call 1300 889 576. There is a risk that there may be lower income after 30 September 2016. Franking credits to which you may be entitled will be advised in your annual fund tax statement at the end of the tax year. Like all investment strategies, an investment in the funds involves risk. The following significant factors could result in the described benefits of investing in the series not or only partially eventuating:


  • 1. The income generated in the funds may be higher or lower than anticipated due to, amongst other things, changes in the level of dividends, franking credits and the value of the potential upside that the funds sell and the cost of the capital protection that they buy.
  • 2. The funds may change the level of their distributions giving at least three months’ notice or if the responsible entity determines that it is in the best interests of investors to do so.
  • 3. The funds intend to purchase a significant level of downside protection to provide a cushion for market falls, but this does not constitute a capital guarantee.
  • 4. The downside sharemarket protection may be more or less effective depending on the timing of market falls and gains, performance of individual stocks versus the broader sharemarket and other factors.